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Your networks may be at risk. Network administrators often rely on the logging of network events to provide some security control. Unfortunately, these logs are so large and so full of extraneous data that key information is often overlooked or undiscovered.

Now CaseWare Examiner gives you the power to sift through these logs to extract the entries that may have a security impact.

It is easy to use, with a simple 3 step process:

• Generate the files and import them into IDEA using File Generator
• Run the standard and advanced pre-programmed tests
• Use the power of IDEA analysis functions to extend your testing

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DART- SAP import component

Extract data out of SAP into IDEA with DART (Data Archiving Retention Tool). Extract data from Financial Accounting (FI), Account Management (AM), Purchase Orders (MM) and more. Although DART was designed to retain financial records in a sequential file to support tax filing, it is not limited to that purpose and can be used to extract a wide range of transaction and master file data.

DART is an inexpensive and efficient method to get the data out of SAP and into IDEA with rapid implementation.

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