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Audit results from competent data analysis activities by internal audit can shine a light on the issues lying within the organisation's data. Therefore,audit leaders must focus on making certain every staff member understands the client systems, and knows how to acquire and analyse the data produced by these systems in order to corroborate or detect failures in the reliability and integrity of the system information.
When properly used by trained staff, data analysis software can be incorporated into audit plans to provide assurance and consulting services related to the organisation's information systems and thus becomes the true cornerstone of an effective audit foundation.
Improve your audit results and extend your capabilities with IDEA's powerful functionality

By putting the power of IDEA to work, you can lower your cost of analysis, add more quality to your work and meet the new professional requirements regarding fraud and internal control. IDEA can read, display, analyse, manipulate, sample or extract from data files from almost any source — mainframe to PC, including reports printed to a file.

Uncover fraud

Using Benfords law, Correlation, Time Series, and Trend Analysis functions to obtain greater insight into your clients businesses. The search function can also assist.

Recover Costs

Avoid penalties and overpayments by identifying duplicate payments, missing invoices and tax compliance issues.

Increase your value

You know how to plan and conduct an audit. Let IDEA help you get more work done in less time. IDEA has a combination of functions and features, not found in any other product, to help you work more efficiently, effectively and add more value to your organisation or client.

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