CaseWare IDEA is used by major accounting firms, federal, state and local government, corporations in all industry sectors and by universities as a teaching tool.

The power and functionality of IDEA has attracted users who are financial and internal auditors, forensic accountants and fraud examiners, financial managers, information systems professionals and educators. Since the first commercial release of IDEA in the mid 80's, users have enjoyed unmatched ease of use and functionality.

IDEA has a wide range of uses within audit, investigations, management accounting, and general enquiries such as:

·  General Financial Audit Use
·  Specific Industry Tests
·  Fraud Investigations
·  Computer Security

IDEA works well independently or with products in the suite.

Smart Analyzer is much more than a collection of pre-built analytical tests and reports for sector-specific analysis. It’s a framework that helps you navigate the data analysis process in IDEA, start to finish.

IDEA Server
provides enterprise level data analysis, with the ability to process huge files by harnessing the power of server technology.



Smart Analyzer
IDEA Server


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